Public safety remains our top priority and, making sure that all drivers are properly insured as required by law reduced crime and maintains safety for everyone on our roadways.

Please help us to help you.

If the vehicle cited had insurance at the time it was seen on a public roadway or, if there are other legitimate reasons of any kind that explain why it was in use and uninsured, please let us assist you to establish that fact. You are provided many ways to provide your information and we have staff members standing-by from 9am to 5pm each weekday to personally assist.

Your privacy is completely protected. If you need assistance from a staff member, your consent for must be recorded but that only will be, not the conversation and then, the recording of your consent will be purged once you've been assisted.

This Diversion Program dramatically reduces your penalty but you are required to keep insurance in force. If the vehicle is going to be driven and is still currently uninsured, you must purchase insurance immediately.
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