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See Your Citation

Helping You Avoid Court and Save Money

Our goal is to protect the public while respecting you and greatly reducing your cost, trauma, and risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.


For any inquiries, questions, or comments, regarding your citation, please call: 225-385-4717.

Head Office

L.P.S.C. Public Safety Center
3834 New Prosperity Lane, Suite B
Addis, LA 70710


To apply for employment with L.P.S.C,  please send your resume to:

Our Services

By paying a small fee for the diversion program, you can avoid both going to court and additional penalties.

Our job is to reduce your stress and cost while keeping large crowds out of the courts and helping to ensure compliance. We will help you any way we can. If you need to pay the fee in two equal amounts over 60 or 90 days, we can help with that as well.

We are all about RESPECT

Our job is to help you quickly handle this matter. We do this with efficiency, courtesy, and respect.

If both government and vehicle insurer records are incorrect and your vehicle was insured when identified or if there was some other reason why it was legitimately in use while uninsured, let us help you correct the record. We do not want anyone to assume the vehicle was or is still uninsured. 

COVID-19 Guidelines are fully supported. You can avoid a court appearance and handle requirements from home. 

WE PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY. The system does not identify any driver. The vehicle owner is responsible for insurance and is the person to whom the citation was mailed. The law enforcement officer made a determination of probable cause after personally viewing the photographic image, government information, and insurer information. At no point did the officer have access to your name or address. That was added only as the citation was printed. 

You can contact us in many ways and we are always ready to help. However, you must first confirm that one of our team members can view the file. We do not know who you.

Our only job is always to help you while ensuring your privacy is fully protected.

If you can provide proof of insurance — just use a smartphone and take a photo then call or text us. The citation will be instantly dismissed. If the fee is paid, it will also be dismissed after the government is notified that there is no case going forward. At that time we will purge the file. 

We strongly support privacy advocates and organizations and refuse to maintain your personal information of any kind. Our job is to respect everyone on our streets and roads in Louisiana. That is why the citation was sent and “everyone” includes YOU.

About Us

The Louisiana Public Safety Company  (LPSC) is a member-partner in a coalition of the world’s largest and most respected public safety companies.

LPSC provides law enforcement personnel, agencies, and any law enforcement-authorized departments with direct access to only highly advanced, non-invasive technologies. The company is very proud of its association with, and support of, privacy advocates and offers a no-cost portal for their oversight to confirm the lack of private details including names or addresses.

LPSC Security is entirely NLETS-standard and the systems used were developed with NLETS which, now handling over 1.3 billion annual transactions, has never once been compromised in its 53 years of service to all US States.

LPSC has joined forces with Diversion Management, the nation’s most advanced diversion program to offer support to the people of Louisiana for other violations in the future, based on respect not punishment. Our focus is on positive change, never incarceration.

We know and love Louisiana and feel sure that you will help us protect our home … our Unique, Great State. Commit to drive insured and to protect yourself, your family and friends, and honor our great, noble traditions.